3 Rules of Etiquette for Fast-Food Drive-Thru Users

Fast food restaurants are popular all over the globe. Why? They are able to offer up comfort foods in an efficient manner that satisfies hungry people. Plus, most offer another option: the drive-thru. The drive-thru allows people on the run to stay in their cars and order up their food to go. There’s only one problem: Some people don’t seem to know how to use them without being discourteous to others. So below are a few rules. They are three etiquette rules for people who use the drive-thru at fast food restaurants. These rules are based on the usual behavior that irritates the heck out of people who use the drive-thru at their favorite fast food joint. Make sure that you aren’t one of the offenders.

  1. Know what you want BEFORE you enter the drive-thru.

Unless you’ve been living in a remote hut in Africa, you probably know the McDonald’s and Burger King menu by heart. Therefore, decide in advance of getting into the drive-thru what it is you want to eat. It’s an important courtesy to offer up to other drive-thru patrons because a chunk of them are in a hurry, especially during the work week around noon. The last thing they want to do is to wait behind an indecisive person taking too much time to order. So don’t be that jerk. You know what you like. You’ve been ordering it for the past 10 years. Ask for the usual and move on.

  1. Go inside for larger orders or call ahead to the restaurant.

The purpose of any fast food restaurant is to serve food fast. So if you have a big family or are out making a party run, keep this in mind. You can either go inside to make your order, which will allow more people to serve you, or call in advance. Each option is much better than holding up the drive-thru line. Think about it.

  1. Pull all the way out of the drive-thru after you’ve gotten your order.

For some reason, certain drivers get their food; inch forward a bit, but not all of the way out of the drive-thru. Even if you are checking your food to make sure it’s all there, you can pull all the way out and into a parking space. Or, you can do like most people and glance in the bag as the server gives it to you. Either way, pull your car all the way out of the drive-thru when you are done getting your food. Don’t block the exit for other drivers behind you who are ready to leave. It’s the polite thing to do.

Are you about ready for a “drive-thru” test drive? OK. Maybe not now because you’re not hungry. But, the next time you are, remember these rules. Be polite to others and go through the drive-thru with style and etiquette.