5 Foods Everyone Can Afford

Lately, have you found yourself searching for change in the couch cushions for gas money? Collecting returnable bottles to pay for kitty litter? Or maybe even taking a few trips to the clinic to sell some blood to help pay your rent? You are not alone my friend. Virtually everyone and their cousin Mildred are hurting in the cash flow department. In these times of hardship, and struggling, there is still no reason for your belly to go without the delicious foods it screams for.

I myself grew up mostly on the bottom quarter of the financial totem pole. I didn’t get the latest fashions, toys, or whatever else kids at the time wanted, but I well fed. Being an expert on cuisine de poor-man, I’ve made a list of some cheap foods that will satisfy your poor, but hungry tummy.

1.) Pot Pies – Hearty and filling, frozen pot pies will do the trick. Great for a solo meal or even if you have a family to feed. Each person can pick which meat they want, everyone’s happy, and all at an average of 2 for a dollar.

2.) Ramen Noodles – Okay, everyone knows about ramen noodles. They are probably the first thing you think of when you think of cheap food. They certainly are a cheap food, at an average of 4 packets for a dollar. If you’re worried that this isn’t enough substance to actually be called a meal, take it to the next level! Throw a few cans of veggies in the pot, or dice up some chicken and add it in. It’s a great way to make that expensive meat feed more people.

3.) Cheesy Spaghetti – This one is a real crowd pleaser. Cook up a box of macaroni and cheese, and substitute the milk and butter for a third of a jar of spaghetti sauce. You can also use regular spaghetti noodles, and just add the sauce and powder cheese packet to it. No need for meat, butter or milk.

4.) Kool-Aid – Millions of different flavors, and you can’t get any cheaper. Replace your sodas, and juice boxes. Send your kids to school with a thermos full of this colorful nectar. You will be saving a ton of money on juice boxes, and you’re going green with your reusable thermos!

5.) Fruits & Veggies – With all of the fancy packaged processed foods, a lot of people just zoom right by the produce section. It’s sad really. Fruits and veggies are an awesome addition to any poor-man’s kitchen. There are endless varieties to choose from, and virtually all of them are super cheap. Finding it hard to get your kids to eat fruits? Get some bananas, they are the closest thing to candy that fruit gets. Your kids don’t like to eat veggies? Have some cucumbers or carrots washed and chopped up sitting on the table with a little ranch dipping sauce on the side. They are guaranteed to have a nibble.

With a little creativity, you can turn any poor-mans food into a gourmet cuisine. Or at least something your family will love.