Beer and Music

Beer and Music

Nothing helps raise spirits more than music and spirits. Raise a glass and a cheer and pair it with a song. Some beer styles seem to go better with some styles of music. From waltzes, blues, rock to folk, there’s something for everyone.

Irish Folk and Stout – There’s nothing more classic than a traditional Dublin tune dunked in Guinness. The creamy head of the brew meets the dulcet tones of the dulcimer and fiddle.

Polka and German-style Lager – They named a song after it: The Beer Barrel Polka. Teutons are tons of fun, especially when they trot out the tubas. Dance and twirl to the oom-pah-pah and the ¾ beat.

Rock and Roll and American-style Lager – Few things typify America more than rock and roll music and a cold brew. Grab a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, chill out, and rock on.

Waltz and Czech Pilsner – An accordion goes hand in hand, one, two, three, with the hoppy, golden elixir. Czech Saaz hops and a European malt blend create a unique flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Beer can also play a role in the making of the music. The neck of a beer bottle makes a great blues-guitar slide. The empty bottle itself is a great percussion instrument akin to a cowbell; plus it makes a ‘toot’ when blown across the open top just so. I’ve heard people play an empty keg like a conga drum.

Beer and music is a classic pairing. Remember to enjoy both, but enjoy them responsibly.