Good Food and Great Service @ Macaroni Grill in Auburn Hills

I went to Macaroni Grill with friends and family on a Saturday night at 9 pm local time. We waited for about twenty minutes for a table. The waiting area at the restaurant was appropriate. Standing there, one has a good view of the kitchen, the bar and the dining area. The benches in the waiting area were higher than the floor. So while sitting on the bench I felt like I was sitting in the dugout. I could hear another person waiting for a table joking, “Put me in coach.” The wait time was normal due to our large party and it was crowded on Saturday.

We were seated in a corner booth. The thing you notice about Macaroni Grill is that all the wait staff learned to write their first name upside down with a crayon. One thing I like about this restaurant is they always have good bread. The bread served before the meal was fresh out of the oven. The waiter gave us some olive oil to dip the bread in. It serves as a nice appetizer before the salad. I was not particularly thirsty at the time so I ordered a glass of water to drink. The ice water was a reasonable cold temperature. The glasses were clean. That is always a plus when dining out.

A person in our party did not particularly care for her ravioli. She commented to our waiter that it was not good. The waiter took the dish away and he said he would take it off the bill. Then the manager came to the table to see if there was another dish she would like to try. This is very good restaurant customer service. I am pleased that the manager came out to apologize and try to make amends.

As for my entrée, it was delicious. I had the crab-stuffed mushrooms. I think that is what they eat in heaven. I also had a caprese salad. The salad had a lot of balsamic vinaigrette and a lot of basil. It was delicious. The imported mozzarella had an interesting but delectable texture. I did not have a dessert dish so I will have to skip that portion of the review.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends. They have big portions and a nice family dining atmosphere. If there was something I would improve on, it would be the transition from end of meal to paying the bill. That seemed to take longer than normal. Other pasta dishes I can recommend at Macaroni Grill are the penne rustica and the pasta milano. They also make an excellent barbecue chicken pizza.