How Is The Microwave Oven A Boon To The Kitchen?

A microwave oven is the most essential item of a modern kitchen. No one can think about living without a microwave as it has become the next big thing in every household. In this fast-paced world, when there is so much shortage of time, a microwave holds your hand to help you make your supper in just a few seconds. Microwave ovens are efficient because they channelize the heat energy directly into the tiny particles of the food inside and heats them up by radiation. High-frequency electromagnetic waves are emitted with the oven cooks the food and that helps the food to be evenly cooked from all sides. Today we are going to project the advantages of a microwave oven.

What are the benefits of using a microwave?

  • Heat up the food – Reheating the leftover food for your next meal becomes convenient with a microwave. You just have to put the container of food inside the oven and fix the timer. There is no need to stand by its side or ignite a stove. You are also able to decide upon the level of hotness of the food by setting the timer as per requirement. Microwaves do not war themselves while heating the food and you are saved from over-heating your meal.
  • Cleaning is simple – The microwave ovens are easy to be maintained and cleaned. You just need a damp sponge or cloth to wipe out the dirt from inside the oven and the external body. If your oven stinks a lot, boil a bowl of water with sufficient drops of lemon juice in it. When the water is boiled for a few minutes, the smell eradicates and your oven is ready for use again. The metal body of the microwave oven helps in easy cleaning.
  • Spill and burn-proof – When you use the old fashioned oven or stoves, there are chances of spilling and burning of food if you are not around. Contrarily with microwaves, you do not have to keep a constant watch. You can be relaxed after you have set the timer depending upon the food type. You do not have to supervise or stir regularly or wait for the whistle. Once your food is ready, it beeps and asks you to take out your food.
  • The food value is retained in the food – When you boil the vegetables in the microwave it has proved to be healthier than cooked on a gas stove. Microwave is such designed that it helps to retain the nutrients like minerals and vitamins inside the food even after the completion of cooking. In a world where everyone is striving to stay fit, the microwave lends its super hand to boost up your fitness level.

If you strictly follow the rules mentioned in the user manual and use the right cookware, then you are good to go. You would be able to prepare thousands of recipes in a jiffy that would be a real delight to your taste bud.