How to Eat Nutritious Meals on a Food Stamp Budget

Can one really eat a nutritious meal on a food stamp budget? Of course! First of all, we live in a “fast and the furious” type of society. The concept of “I want it fast” is one of the reasons this country is suffering from obesity; another problem is how “eating nutritious” is portrayed. There are so many options, low fat, high carb, high fat, no fat, low carbs and the list is goes on. First and foremost, invest in a crock pot and a rice cooker (yard sales, Craigslist).

No excuses! It is affordable! Lets look at the kinds of foods that are packed with nutrition and are cheap. Beans, a pound of red beans is under a dollar and it contains 13 servings! One bunch of kale is under a dollar and also packed full of nutrition, a head of lettuce is another cheap veggie that is under a dollar! Chicken and pork are inexpensive meats. Let me also point out that while I do realize some fruits are expensive, bananas, apples, strawberries, melons, and oranges are relatively cheap. My point is, shop the perimeter of the grocery store and stay away from the packaged on the go meals! Also, while some may consider junk food to be cheaper; consider this, junk food is filled with empty calories (meaning, no nutritional value) and left overs are pretty much null and void. No one is saying don’t buy junk food, just don’t fill your cart with junk! Water! Invest in a $24.00 Brita filter that attaches to your sink (if your tap water tastes a bit off); forget bottled water, it comes from city water (which by the way you are already paying for!) invest in a reusable water bottle.

Your cart should contain items such as these (planning meals ahead of time is also a good idea):

head of lettuce
whatever other veggies you and your family enjoy
Frozen veggies are relatively cheap
pork chops
ground chuck
variety of beans
brown/white rice
tuna fish
certain types of fish are cheap
deli meats and deli cheese (for lunch)
orange juice
If your kids like cereals; buy generic

Okay now if you want to buy some junk food, that is okay, but only a few items for days that you do not feel like cooking. Plan ahead, maybe make Friday’s pizza day. Plus, there are coupons which cater to the preservative industry.

I invested in an “Egg McMuffin maker” and made eight of these and froze them so my kids could have them for breakfast. Very simple and nutritious, Fiber, Protein, Carb, and healthy fats packaged in a sandwich!

Nutrition is part of keeping the body balanced and the mind strong.

Where there is a will, there most certainly is a way and remember knowledge is power! Research and ask questions!

Live well and stay strong!