Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. It aires on the ABC Network, Friday evenings at 8e/7c. So far they have shown the premier, which aired two weeks ago, and last week was a two hour special. It was a repeat of the premier during the first hour and the first episode followed.

Jamie is on a mission to bring wholesome, healthy lunches to our school systems. After some research, it was reported that Huntington, West Virginia has the highest mortality rate that is caused by obesity. Jamie sets off to start his “Food Revolution.”

Jamie reaches out to the community of Huntington, West Virginia, via radio, where the host twists everything that Jamie says, sending the town into an uproar. This response brings Jamie to tears and filled with frustration. Never the less, he continues to strive forward.

He goes into a Huntington Elementary School to enlighten their way of thinking, cooking and feeding the children. Although the lunch ladies are less than enthusiastic about the changes being suggested, they go along with it and try it his way.

After a week of trying to get through to the staff, children and even the parents, Jamie inquires about utensils for a meal he is preparing for the kids. Reluctantly, the school comes up with plastic forks and knives. Soon the staff notices that many of the kids don’t know how to use their utensils. As the staff attempts to help the children learn to use the utensils, they also begin to encourage trying the new foods before them. This effort plus some really cool stickers motivates the kids to eat and the revolution is on its way!

Jamie is given permission to stay on at the elementary school two more weeks to continue his efforts. Elated Jamie accepts.

He then moves on to the High School to make some head way with the student over there. Much more receptive than the younger children he picks out a team of students to help change the thinking and choices the other kids are making.

This reality show is truly an eye opener. For this young man to come into our country and take this on himself to try to help us is an incredible act of kindness and love for people. This show is a must see. There is a petition on his website. Sign up and join the revolution!