America’s Music History

I know I am only 18 but the music of the past is very interesting, and although my favorite style of music is Rap there are many singers of the past that really interest me. From the 1950s to 1980s music has come from severe changes but on thing stays the same, these musicians are big influences on todays music stars no matter who they are. Some of the top musicians are modeled after many musicians and the era in which they came from, the following are four major eras of music in the U.S. most of which will seem like you know, while some of it not to well.

1920s and the birth of vocals and jazz

Ah yes the rich mans music, but at the time jazz was not for the rich man, in fact Jazz was built for the people mainly African Americans. With artists such as Duke Ellington and Langston Hughes, Jazz was possibly the greatest thing to happen to the U.S. because it lead to so much other music styles like rock and roll and soul, but most of all Rhythm and Blues that we all know today. At the time jazz was purely American and the most popular music of the people on top of being a different type of music not heard before.

1930s through 1940s – easy listening

As jazz continued to grow in popularity so did people adding lyrics to music, so it was not unusual to hear a poem read to the beat of Duke Ellington and his “American Music”. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s great singers especially Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin each scored hits cementing there spots in American pop culture and American culture itself. Easy listening is well known around the world and though much of it was cut out after the 1950s, many hits were still spawned in that era like “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin in 1952.

1950s – the Malt shop and Doo wop rhythm and blues

Personally this is my favorite type of music of the past with singers like Bobby Rhydell, Elvis Presley, Frankie Valli, Bobby Darin, on top of up and coming Rhythm and Blues singers Little Richard, Chubby Checker made this era the birth of Musical awareness in America. This Awareness came from one artist who many said had the ability to blend two types of music, the king himself Elvis Presley, his career lasted years and made him the biggest star in the world until the 1980s when he was dethroned by another king. With Elvis there was a widespread interest in the new type of music called rock and roll, an interest that spawned Johnny Cash whose outlaw country was a mix of rock and classic country. That was not all though with these artists there were also many African American artists wanting to get into singing, these singers include Chubby Checker, and Little Richard, but unlike them there were other artists that created a music for the Black race in America these were James Brown, Ray Charles and much more. The revolutionary music that these pioneers created spawned great music for the culture of a race and changed the landscape of America.

1960s – a change in the aspect of music

It’s 1960 and America is trying to win a war they get themselves into, and thanks to this there were many of songs about it, but nothing not even the war prepared music for the British Invasion led by Fab four Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The British Invasion was not the only thing shaking up music because there is now also an official music for the African American people led by singers like the Temptations, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5. Throughout the 1960s America was in turmoil, and music was used to further the cause of peace, and they are seen in the hippie movement a movement that used music based on drugged up singers and psychedelic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix. At this time there was so many types of music floating around nobody today could pick which was their favorite.

1970s – arena rock and the birth of pop

During the 1970s many of 1960s psychedelic rock stayed with some getting high honors like Grammies, but after a few years have passed that type of rock died out and gave way to arena rock legends like KISS. The music of the 1970s were based mainly on rock with a few good R & B songs coming out of it unlike other decades the music of the 1970s were leading to something that would change the world, but the music did not change anything until late in the 1970s after government began changing as well. Arena rock made metal famous a few years later, but at this time a new king was being born and in just a few years he was going take the world by storm.

1980s pop, rock, new wave, rap and Michael?

As the title shows there was a major change in music in the 1980s some that lasted, some that are immortal, and some that were just plain weird. During the 1980s the majority of the charts were ruled by Michael Jackson, the king of pop was and still is one of the top selling artists of all time. His music is legendary and is still being listened to today making him the top selling artists in the 1980s. The 1980s was not just about Michael though, in fact throughout the 1980s the rock genre had gone through so many different changes most of which were for the best some of which were just down right creepy. Artists like Tears for fears and many others embraced the new wave techno sound making a revolution in music, but sadly a revolution that never caught on which either saved or killed rock as a whole. The last few years of the 1980s bring in a new type of music, a type that continues to this day, a type that I call my favorite. Rap comes to the mainstream at the end of the 1980s bringing in artists like Run DMC the official kings of Rap, this music is possibly the most controversial type of music, but a type eventually everyone starts to like.

After the 1990s, music goes through many changes with boy band and Tupac and gangsta rap. But one thing is for certain: Music will continue to change, after all just look at how far we have come from the 1920s.

A History of Music in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

When most people think about music production and recording, they think L.A., New York City, Atlanta, or maybe even Nashville. Of course there’s no denying these places have certainly had their fair share of hit and star output, but one little known fact is most of the popular music during the 60’s and 70’s was recorded in the Shoals area of Alabama. (“Shoals” is short for Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield, Alabama)

Formally known as the “Hit recording capitol of the world,” Muscle Shoals has played host to some of the best and most famous artists and bands through out some of the most important and historical eras of music. Most people do not know the rich musical heritage the area has. For instance, born in Florence in 1873, W.C. Handy, “the father of the blues,” could be considered the pioneer of the Shoals long and vast musical tradition. Following Handy, in 1923, Sam Phillips, “the father of rock-n-roll,” was also born in Florence. Phillips later went on to record songs sung by some of the biggest names in rock-n-roll such as Elvis and Johnny Cash.

Today, the Quad-cities are still full of recording studios ranging from little in-home set ups to some of the more renowned studios such as FAME. There are over twenty recording studios still in use today in the area. FAME is probably the most famous of these. Located in Muscle Shoals, FAME has had many famous faces within its walls. A few of these faces include Aretha Franklin, Donny Osmond, Little Richard, and The BackStreet Boys. Another very famous recording studio in the area is New Cyprus Moon Studio located in Sheffield right on the river. Formally known as Muscle Shoals Sound, it is also located in Sheffield. Famous musicians who have recorded there include Cher, The Rolling Stones, Lynard Skynard and Willie Nelson.

Though the Muscle Shoals is not longer the recording capitol of the world, the area is still packed with a huge variety of talent. Musicians of all ages coming from countless different background can be heard and seen quite often. There are always local musicians playing live at various events and venues all around the Shoals. So when in town or near by, be sure to check out some of the local music and see for yourself just how musical the area really is.

-One of the best time periods to catch live acts in the area is during Handy Fest which lasts from late June into early August. Handy Fest is a fun spirited and eventful celebration in which the entire Shoals area honors W.C. Handy by having up to two weeks of back to back, night after night live music scattered all over the area.

Rockabye Baby Music for Your Baby: How it Can Make Your Baby More Intelligent

Most every parent has now heard of the “Mozart Effect”. Study after study has shown that playing music for your baby both in the womb and outside it has a world of benefits. Why? Because music engages both brain hemispheres at once giving your baby’s noggin’ a real work out.

What sort of benefits does music have for your baby?

-Can Improve fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are used to pick up a stick and beat a drum, and gross to bounce back and forth and dance to the beat. An example of this benefit of music for babies’ can be seen here.

-Improves vocal ability, listening skills and rhythm. A baby that listens and attempts to sing along is learning more than just a song.

-Improves memory and spatial reasoning. Studies show that music engages the same neurological pathways as memory applications and multiple step reasoning problems.

-Has positive physical effects on weight gain, heart beat and oxygen absorption. Music is especially good for premature babies.

-Can improve babies’ mood and make them more apt to learning or rest depending on the music.

-Can be used to establish educational and everyday routines.

What sort of music should I play for my baby?

Most studies push classical music as being the ideal music for babies’, and while that’s all fine and dandy no one wants to listen to Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven all the time, even if they are fabulous artists. Luckily, Rockabye Baby has a solution!

Rockabye Baby, like the lullaby?

Sort of Rockabye Baby is a Los Angelos based recording company that turns popular rock music into lullabies. They make music enjoyable for both babies’ and adults by integrating well known songs from artists such as; Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, AC DC, The Rolling Stones, and many, many more, twenty five different albums to be exact with more in the works. With so many soothing baby rock hits you can alternate your classical music listening with an up beat variety of your favorites. Rockabye Baby CD’s can be purchased on line here.

So turn off your television, and bond with your baby with your favorite song while making them more intelligent in the process.

Captain Steve’s Seafood Restaurant Review

Located in Fort Mill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina

Captain Steve’s Family Seafood Restaurant located in Fort Mill, North Carolina is a great place for affordable seafood dishes. Located at 1975 Highway 21 Bypass the same road that Carowinds Theme Park is located on but in the opposite direction about 5-8 miles up the road. Captain Steve’s is open Tuesday through Saturday usually from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. They accept cash and credit cards. Captain Steve’s has another restaurant located at 8517 Monroe Road with the same hours as well.


Captain Steve’s is an affordable seafood restaurant located within the Charlotte Metro area that provides generous portions at affordable prices. Captain Steve’s is not a buffet seafood restaurant, but once you order you’ll have more food than you can eat. Taking home a white box is a must. They have everything from shrimp to hamburgers. Most of the food is fried and the food is greasy, So be prepared to use your napkins. Captain Steve’s serves soda, water and sweet tea. No alcohol beverages are sold. Kids can get a baby shrimp meal for free.

Captain Steve’s menu options can be viewed here

I recommend the Steve’s Fishermen platter at $13.95 comes with a filet of flounder, oysters, scallops, jumbo shrimp, baby shrimp and a deviled crab.


Captain Steve’s seafood at Fort Mill, North Carolina is very large and spacious. The restaurant can accommodate small to very large groups. Another thing is that the restaurant parking lot is very large that can accommodate cars to buses. The parking lot will be packed, but you’ll have no problem getting seated within a few minutes. Captain Steve’s is handicap accessible.


Captain Steve’s service is great from the time you enter the building by the host to sitting at your table ordering your seafood and having your drinks refilled. The staff is friendly and the bus boy’s clean the tables fairly quick.

Restaurant Cleanliness

Captain Steve’s if pretty clean considering the amount of traffic that moves through the restaurant on a daily basis. Silverware, glasses and plates have always been clean during my visits. Bathrooms are clean as well as the floors of the restaurant.

Overall, if your looking for a great seafood restaurant in Charlotte or the surrounding area you need to visit Captain Steve’s located in Fort Mill. You’ll receive a lot of seafood for your money and great service as well. The restaurant can accommodate any size party you may have and kids usually get a free baby shrimp dinner. Be prepared to take your food home because you’ll get stuffed with seafood and hushpuppies.

Beer and Music

Beer and Music

Nothing helps raise spirits more than music and spirits. Raise a glass and a cheer and pair it with a song. Some beer styles seem to go better with some styles of music. From waltzes, blues, rock to folk, there’s something for everyone.

Irish Folk and Stout – There’s nothing more classic than a traditional Dublin tune dunked in Guinness. The creamy head of the brew meets the dulcet tones of the dulcimer and fiddle.

Polka and German-style Lager – They named a song after it: The Beer Barrel Polka. Teutons are tons of fun, especially when they trot out the tubas. Dance and twirl to the oom-pah-pah and the ¾ beat.

Rock and Roll and American-style Lager – Few things typify America more than rock and roll music and a cold brew. Grab a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, chill out, and rock on.

Waltz and Czech Pilsner – An accordion goes hand in hand, one, two, three, with the hoppy, golden elixir. Czech Saaz hops and a European malt blend create a unique flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Beer can also play a role in the making of the music. The neck of a beer bottle makes a great blues-guitar slide. The empty bottle itself is a great percussion instrument akin to a cowbell; plus it makes a ‘toot’ when blown across the open top just so. I’ve heard people play an empty keg like a conga drum.

Beer and music is a classic pairing. Remember to enjoy both, but enjoy them responsibly.

Music Soul

I use to hear you sing to me at night
chasing away the nightmares
Your lyrics reflected the struggle
in my mind
you sing as if you understood
my hidden fears
It told the story of a soul
that has no color
Repressed spirit that has lost its way
unrecognizable desires I don’t know
I cry out to you needing
to hear your song
Your music chased away
the bad dreams
that left my heart beating
to the rhythm of
my screams
I don’t hear the music
anymore you no
longer sing to me
My nightmares return
I need your song
Sing to me again
Music Soul

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. It aires on the ABC Network, Friday evenings at 8e/7c. So far they have shown the premier, which aired two weeks ago, and last week was a two hour special. It was a repeat of the premier during the first hour and the first episode followed.

Jamie is on a mission to bring wholesome, healthy lunches to our school systems. After some research, it was reported that Huntington, West Virginia has the highest mortality rate that is caused by obesity. Jamie sets off to start his “Food Revolution.”

Jamie reaches out to the community of Huntington, West Virginia, via radio, where the host twists everything that Jamie says, sending the town into an uproar. This response brings Jamie to tears and filled with frustration. Never the less, he continues to strive forward.

He goes into a Huntington Elementary School to enlighten their way of thinking, cooking and feeding the children. Although the lunch ladies are less than enthusiastic about the changes being suggested, they go along with it and try it his way.

After a week of trying to get through to the staff, children and even the parents, Jamie inquires about utensils for a meal he is preparing for the kids. Reluctantly, the school comes up with plastic forks and knives. Soon the staff notices that many of the kids don’t know how to use their utensils. As the staff attempts to help the children learn to use the utensils, they also begin to encourage trying the new foods before them. This effort plus some really cool stickers motivates the kids to eat and the revolution is on its way!

Jamie is given permission to stay on at the elementary school two more weeks to continue his efforts. Elated Jamie accepts.

He then moves on to the High School to make some head way with the student over there. Much more receptive than the younger children he picks out a team of students to help change the thinking and choices the other kids are making.

This reality show is truly an eye opener. For this young man to come into our country and take this on himself to try to help us is an incredible act of kindness and love for people. This show is a must see. There is a petition on his website. Sign up and join the revolution!


Music in My Body

continuing web of sound
reverbing through my chest
echoing off of ear drums
welcome the thunder
it dances in my head

the best use of human limbs is 
to shake a floor with sound