Pirating Movies and Music

Pirated movies and music

Another area that is getting wide attention these days is pirated movies and music. We know that the artists own the work and they must be paid for it. You go to a brick and mortar store to purchase a DVD of your favourite artist and some of that money goes back to the artist.

Yet is it the same on the Internet?

Yes and no, you can purchase your DVD on the Internet and save the legwork of going to the music shop. However, you can download music as well.

Montrealers need to know if downloading movies and videos is free on the Internet

Is Downloading Legal?

Yes and no. If you download and pay for the downloading it is perfectly legal; however many places allow you to download for free and that is a hot issue right now. The artists are complaining they are not getting their dues and the governments are trying to regulate this pirating industry. Then there are children who are illegally downloading pornographic and other movies and music which is not age appropriate. A 12-year-old could not go into blockbusters and rent an adult movie yet nobody can really tell how old this child is over the internet. Their health and mental health is seriously damaged when viewing and absorbing materials that are not age appropriate.

Again the question surfaces, which government is responsible for this?

The answer is that copyright issues are subject to the country the abuser lives in.