Rockabye Baby Music for Your Baby: How it Can Make Your Baby More Intelligent

Most every parent has now heard of the “Mozart Effect”. Study after study has shown that playing music for your baby both in the womb and outside it has a world of benefits. Why? Because music engages both brain hemispheres at once giving your baby’s noggin’ a real work out.

What sort of benefits does music have for your baby?

-Can Improve fine and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are used to pick up a stick and beat a drum, and gross to bounce back and forth and dance to the beat. An example of this benefit of music for babies’ can be seen here.

-Improves vocal ability, listening skills and rhythm. A baby that listens and attempts to sing along is learning more than just a song.

-Improves memory and spatial reasoning. Studies show that music engages the same neurological pathways as memory applications and multiple step reasoning problems.

-Has positive physical effects on weight gain, heart beat and oxygen absorption. Music is especially good for premature babies.

-Can improve babies’ mood and make them more apt to learning or rest depending on the music.

-Can be used to establish educational and everyday routines.

What sort of music should I play for my baby?

Most studies push classical music as being the ideal music for babies’, and while that’s all fine and dandy no one wants to listen to Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven all the time, even if they are fabulous artists. Luckily, Rockabye Baby has a solution!

Rockabye Baby, like the lullaby?

Sort of Rockabye Baby is a Los Angelos based recording company that turns popular rock music into lullabies. They make music enjoyable for both babies’ and adults by integrating well known songs from artists such as; Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, AC DC, The Rolling Stones, and many, many more, twenty five different albums to be exact with more in the works. With so many soothing baby rock hits you can alternate your classical music listening with an up beat variety of your favorites. Rockabye Baby CD’s can be purchased on line here.

So turn off your television, and bond with your baby with your favorite song while making them more intelligent in the process.