The 5 Best Foods that Keep You Feeling Full

Are you trying to maintain a healthy diet, but feel that you are either always snacking or always hungry? Then you need to take some time to closely evaluate the foods that are currently in your diet. Foods containing too many simple sugars do not keep you full long enough. In fact, studies also suggest that if you are not properly hydrated you may also feel hungry frequently. To combat this issue, I have tried many foods and here is my list of top 5 foods to keep you energized and feeling full all day long.

#1 – Yogurt Parfait – Chopped fruit layered with granola with nuts and Greek yogurt. The combination of protein from the nuts and yogurt along with the carbohydrates from the fruit are a nice treat to keep you filled.

#2 – Nuts – I personally love nuts so it is easy for me to keep these on me at all times. They are loaded with fiber and good fats so make sure you watch your servings and as always everything in moderations is best.

#3 – Whole Grain Cereal – I eat whole grain cereals for breakfast 3 times a week and 3 times a week for lunch. Yes you heard correctly, “LUNCH”. I add a half of a banana, pecans, dried cranberries or anything else to spruce it up. It certainly keeps you full.

#4 – Lentils – These are a good source of protein and with a tiny bit of rice it really helps keep you feeling filled. In addition, it is a comfort food on those cold days. So give them a try. You can season them as mildly or spicy as you like.

#5 – Edamame – The good old soy bean. It a source of much controversy but I like to believe that once again, moderation is the key to grabbing the best of anything. These pods can be steamed and then seasoned with salt, pepper and lemon. They are easy to prepare in the microwave and come frozen at most grocery stores. My daughter loves them in her salads. She thinks they are giant peas.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or shed a few pounds, consider adding any of the above foods to your daily diet.