The Best Food Options at Minute Maid Park

Foods at the Ballpark Are Far from Healthy but Some Choices Are Better Than Others

Let me tell you something: just about the worst eating you can do is at your local sports stadium. That is just a general rule. Sports fans go to sports events to be entertained. They watch athletes get exercise while they enjoy meaty, fatty foods and down loads of booze. I’m from Houston Texas, home of the Astros Baseball team. Here is the lo-down on all the food options available at Minute Maid Park and what your healthiest food options will be if you go there:

Food Items:

Hot Dogs- the chili meat on top of chili dogs is juicy and flavorful. You pay for it with the calories. I think that hot dogs are oily and fatty, but if you eat it plain or with mustard then it is probably one of the better choices at the ballpark. This is because a plain hotdog doesn’t have any of the liquid, viscous sauces that are jam packed with fats, sugars, and calories. Mustard is a low calorie condiment that adds a flavorful kick to your food.

Nachos- these are a common choice for baseball fans. You can get Buffalo Chicken nachos, BBQ Pulled Pork nachos, Beef Fajita nachos, or the traditional cheese nachos. This is the worst option for you. Nachos with meat run between one thousand and two thousand calories. This is how a meal consisting of nachos will break down: Salty corn chips with almost zero nutritional value; Melted cheese, which is jam packed with calories and salt; “Sloppy Joe” pulled pork meat that is almost the worst you can have because it is fatty, saucy, and oily; Sour cream has super high fat content. If you are trying to lose weight or be healthy then don’t do this to yourself!

Loaded Baked Potato- Don’t be fooled; a potato is a vegetable but that doesn’t make it the best choice for a healthy meal. In order for a vegetable to be able to compete flavor-wise with hotdogs, burgers, and nachos, it has to undergo a few modifications. It is loaded with butter, sour cream, and saucy piles of meat. The baked potato is a dangerous trap!

Burgers- These burgers are new and I haven’t had the chance to see them. Burgers aren’t by any means a safe diet food but I’m guessing that if you follow the same general idea as I mentioned in the hot dog suggestion I think that this may also be a better choice.

Peanuts- a classic ballpark food. Peanuts are high in fat but they have a healthier fat that is better for your body (in moderation). Don’t eat too many peanuts, though, because they are covered in salt.

Drink Choices:

If you want to be healthy then cut out the alcohol. It is jam packed with carbohydrates (and sugars if you get a fruity alcoholic beverage). You know that soda is a sugary drink that competes with the sugar content of candy. The answer for you is water or diet sodas. You will be getting enough rubbish from your food. You don’t need anything more from your drink.


You can choose between various candies, Ice creams, and cotton candies. The stadium sells blue bell ice cream, which is a no-no for you! It’s very creamy and high in fat. Especially avoid the sundaes drizzled with chocolate fudge and whipped cream. Candy is candy. It has the nutritional information printed on the box. You know what you are in for.

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